VSwitcher User Rules

Effective date: July 30th, 2020

The Official VSwitcher Rules

We would like to keep the rules very simple at VSwitcher. We understand that conflict can happen and as it may be obvious that it is wrong we must state the obvious of what we see as major threats to our establishment and our community.

Here are a list of the rules we will enforce:

Flaming, Harassment, Trolling

  • Under no circumstance should you ever use profanity or anything derogatory towards another person at VSwitcher.
  • You should never show any behavior that shows acts of aggression, or abuse.
  • Deceiving a member of VSwitcher for the thought of humor. We understand the niche we are in is known for being big in "trolling" but we will only say it once. It is not allowed at VSwitcher.

Leaking, Exposing

Another user of VSwitcher should never and I repeat NEVER tell anyone about another user using VSwitcher. We will not take this lightly. We keep our community anonymous through our forums and our discords being hidden until you are a subscriber. No ones identity should be leaked in game or outside game EVER.


If we catch another user in our discord or our forums advertising software that is remotely related to ours or is posting a link without validating it with staff members we will PERM ban.


Now this one is very obvious. We have a marketplace at VSwitcher. If we catch anyone scamming for any reason we will ban you from ever using our software again.

Viruses, Malicious Attempt

This is the one we see as the most threatening and we will do everything in our power to preven this from happening.

  • If you ever send a file to another user we will consider it a malicous attempt so do not even bother sending anything to another user. If we get a report of someone even sending a picture we will take it serious.
  • Now we understand there is more that you can do that sending files that are malicious. If you send someone a link that has clear intentions of being malicious then we will also take it serious.