The #1 FASTEST RS Auto Switcher On The Market, period.

MEET VSwitcher

The Next Revolution Of RS Automation

Seamless Switching

Advanced Clicking

Less Than 1 Tick Switches

Groundbreaking Automation

Guaranteed Best

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User Friendly

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VSwitcher Software Preview
  • User Friendly GUI & Sleek Software Design
  • 1000+ Items To Choose From. Weapons, Armor, Potions, Food And More!
  • Every Prayer Avaliable To Be Used For Switches
  • Standard Spell Book, Ancient Spell Book And Lunar Spell Book To Choose From
  • Special Attacks, And Clicking Last Hovered Position Feature
  • Unequipping Items And Attack Style Switches
  • Unlimited Profiles Creation!

Special Features/Addons

Target Locking

Never miss your target. VSwitcher follows the player your fighting and clicks them upon click last hovered position being in your preset.

Auto Prayer Switching

Have you ever fought someone in pvp and had them weapon switch and you mis clicked your prayer. Never again... VSwitcher will automatically switch your protect prayers based on the opponents attack.

Prayer Flicking

We have officially perfected prayer flicking. With our self learning ai automation built into the prayer ticks, we made it so you could run around and it will still prayer flick!

Freeze Timers

When casting a barrage on someone there is a set timer that the game sets behind the scenes. VSwitcher has added that timer in for you visually so you can plan your next attack quick.

Video Preview

How Does VSwitcher Work?

We put together a brief demonstration of what VSwitcher does and how it looks in action. This is a slowed down version for visual.

VSwitcher Test Preview

Customer Reviews

Getting Started

We made it into 4 simple steps to get you started.

  • Create An Account

    Navigate to the bottom of the page and fill out the FREE registration form. Once registered you will be redirected to select the plan of your choice.

  • Download VSwitcher

    Once logged in you will be able to click download to get the standalone software. Make sure you click update preset manager so it syncs with the server.

  • Build Your Presets

    In the preset manager your able to select from 1000+ items and actions to add to your preset. We made our preset manager so user friendly that even a caveman can do it!

  • Switch Like A Pro

    We have a section on the forum that gives you step by step instructions on how to operate VSwitcher, along with a great community that is here at any point in time when you need help. With just a press of one key on your keyboard you have the potential to hit 8+ items and or actions in less then a tick! Insane... I know. Welcome to the OP life.

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