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The #1 OSRS PVP Client And OSRS PVM Client.

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The Next Revolution Of RS Automation

Seamless Switching

Advanced Clicking

Less Than 1 Tick Switches

Groundbreaking Automation

Guaranteed Best

Trusted & Secure

User Friendly

Great Community & Support

Windows Compatible

Mac Compatible

VSwitcher V4 Preview
VSwitcher V4 Functionality
Item Switching Food Consuming Potion Drinking Prayer Switching
Spell Casting Unequpping Special Attacks Attack Style Switching
Dropping Emotes Chat Spam Walk Under
Banking Sleeps Attack Target Conditional Logic

The beautiful thing about VSwitcher is you can customize everything to your own specifications! Not everyone pks or pvms the same. With our advanced conditional logic and smart presets you can do anything you want! I know... I know.. Your prob thinking this is too good to be true. I assure you that this is in fact real and that we have changed the game.

Special Features/Addons

Target Tracking

Never miss your target. VSwitcher follows the player your fighting and clicks them upon click last hovered position being in your preset.

HP Monitoring

With our trigger system you can build the logic to determine when you player is low on hp and at that point do a 1 tick 3 food eat.

Prayer Monitoring

If you are ever doing an activity where your prayer drains and you do not want to have to monitor it then dont you worry. VSwitcher has you covered. You can make it so VSwitcher hits your super restore or prayer potion if low on prayer.

Auto Specing

Are you wanting to trigger a spec combo and for it to always go off even if your target is too many squares away. VSwitcher has the logic to trigger a spec if they are low on hp and you hit a high xp drop.

PVP Auto Prayer

Have you ever fought someone in pvp and had them weapon switch and you mis clicked your prayer. Never again... VSwitcher will automatically switch your protect prayers based on the opponents attack.

PVM Auto Prayer

Here is the cream of the crop. PVM Auto Prayer. Have you ever fought Zulrah, Jad, or maybe did Inferno... With VSwitcher you can automatically trigger to switch prayers based on npcs attacks etc.

Getting Started

We made it into 4 simple steps to get you started.

  • Create An Account

    Navigate to the bottom of the page and fill out the FREE registration form. Once registered you will be redirected to select the plan of your choice.

  • Download VSwitcher

    Once logged in you will be able to click download to get the standalone software.

  • Build Your Presets

    In the preset manager your able to select from 1000+ items and actions to add to your preset. We made our preset manager so user friendly that even a caveman can do it!

  • Switch Like A Pro

    We have a section on the forum that gives you step by step instructions on how to operate VSwitcher, along with a great community that is here at any point in time when you need help. With just a press of one key on your keyboard you have the potential to hit 8+ items and or actions in less then a tick! Insane... I know.


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A Runescape Auto Switcher is software that allows you to switch between various gear combinations quickly from the press of a hotkey.

No. Currently this software only works for OSRS.

Yes. We have built the software to work with PVM and PVP.

We cannot promise you will never get banned. The second we decided to make this public it made it a possibility. At the time of you reading this our software has a 0% ban rate.

Upon you signing up and going through out checkout process. You are given access immediately.

With over 2 years on our plate we have been able to perfect the automation that is required when doing PVP and PVM.